To get onto Malachor-V, you will need the New Beginnings Client.

Step 1:

Create an account here

Step 2:

Join Discord using this link

Step 3: 

Locate the Support ticket channel and make a ticket to get your account activated.

Step 4:

Locate the Starting out channel and Download the launcher and follow the guide below.

Installation Guide:

  1. Open the launcher and follow the installation.

  2. Choose a directory to start the installation. 

  3. Open the launcher for the first time and a bar will appear down the bottom, the bar will fill green and once the installation is done a launch button will appear.

  4. Once the game is done patching, run "SwgClientSetup_r.exe" within your game client folder to modify your game resolution, shader details and additional customizations.

  5. Hit "Play" on the launcher to open the client. Once launched, enter your username and password used to login to this site to authenticate with the game.

Once logged in, create your characters and relive the experience!

Legal Disclaimer

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