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    Ewok Festival of Love

    Valentine’s Day

    The Ewok Festival of Love is an event centering around the Ewoks and their culture. The small creatures are native to the forest moon of Endor where they make their homes in the trees and live safely above the predators that roam the planet surface.

    Ewoks live in harmony with their natural habitat, living self-sufficiently as they glean their forage from the lush vegetation of the planet. During the Festival of Love, Camby berries are a celebratory food given to all who participate as they honor the kindship and love between tribe members. Presenting loved ones with a gift of their hard-earned food demonstrates trust and acceptance in the Ewok culture.

    During the festival, tribe members also prepare meals, dance, and sing traditional songs such as an ancestral chant often heard drifting through the treetops of the forest moon of Endor. “Dugun ducal ula ludia nuna dounga, luna nudia!”

    The Ewoke Festival of Love takes place from February 9th through March 2nd.


    For Festival activities, be sure to visit Tyrena, Kaadara, and the South Ewok Lake Village where there will be plenty of camby berries and chak juice for everyone! You will find the Ewok Chief and Shaman near the chocolate fountains in each celebrating city. In Kaadara, Chief Chirpa and Logray from the Star Wars films will be making a special appearance!

    You will also help a disillusioned individual who has lost his way, helping him to re-discover the true meaning of the Ewok Festival of Love and proving to him that love still exists in this chaotic galaxy.


    Once the Festival activities are completed you will receive the Ewok Chak Hearts, which can be used at one of the vendors to purchase various rewards such as a brand-new painting, a miniature chocolate fountain, a crossbow of love, the Ewok Festival of Love familiar, a brand-new costume, or a set of love wings to get you in the spirit to celebrate. Unfortunately, the wings have yet to help anyone actually fly… but they look snazzy in the appearance tab!

    Various badges will also be rewarded for completing the festival task, so don’t miss out!

    Empire Day

    Independence Day

    Empire Day marks the rise of the Emperor to power throughout the galaxy, while simultaneously marking the extermination of the Jedi Council by Darth Vader.

    Despite the efforts by members of the Rebellion on the few remaining Jedi in hiding, Empire Day is a widely celebrated event across all Imperial controlled planets. This is mostly due to a massive public relations campaign that is run each year in conjunction with the event where Imperial propaganda is disseminated liberally to the masses. Subsequently, very few sentient beings are unaware of the day’s celebrations. The actual day of the celebration is marked according to the Imperial Center time, but celebrations can last days or weeks depending on the culture and location of each event.

    Because of the vast and varied worlds which the Empire controls, beings on different planets celebrate in different ways. While some might make a pilgrimage to the Imperial Center (Coruscant) and visit the site where the celebrated events of the day originally took place, others simply wish to be near the emperor himself. They don’t actually expect to see the emperor, but each year holds some kind of unrealistic hope in the masses. Others take on charity work to show their unwavering support and encouragement for all those who have served the emperor and in honor of the emperor himself and his many sacrifices he made for his new Empire through the duration of the clone wars and the subsequent Jedi Rebellion. Still others have simple, private gatherings with friends and family to feast, play games, hold contests, and all manner of revelry.

    Of course, those who wage war against the Empire approach the day differently. They see the day as a turning point in a long campaign of duplicity. They might spend their time protesting, passing out counterpropaganda, or even staging surgical strikes and attacks on Imperial facilities, bases, and high-ranking officers.

    The rebellion works hard from year to year to fight the tide of Imperial public relations, hoping that if they can turn the hearts and minds of the people, then the Empire will turn the tide of the war. Each step, even a small step, brings them closer to victory and freedom from the tyranny of the emperor.

    Empire Day is a mandated holiday, but even if that were not the case, many would still mark it as a day of events due to the many changes it created. The Senate gave up a majority of their power on that day in history, while the Jedi Council was also removed from the power scene of politics and the worlds alike. The Emperor followed these events by taking ultimate power, controlling the entire galaxy singlehandedly. Nothing was left untouched by the events that took place that day. Whether good or bad, the debate still rages on each year, but despite the debate it is unquestionably a day to be remembered.

    For information on events sponsored by your faction during this time, visit faction leaders across the galaxy.



    Galactic Moon Festival


    The Galactic moon festival is an event sponsored by the most unlikely of leaders. In an effort to gain more support from planets where his favor is waning, Jabba the Hutt sponsors the annual Galactic Moon Festival so citizens across the galaxies can enjoy the horrifyingly awesome haunts of this bizarre season.

    As a hut, Jabba grows weary of the love-filled festival of the Ewoks. In an attempt to counter their overbearing efforts the Hutt has taken it upon himself to throw the scariest festival of the year!

    In order to participate in the celebration, all a citizen must do is visit the Galactic Moon Festival Organizers that can be found outside of the Moenia and Mos Eisley starports. (Way points 4790 -4777 and 3523 -4806 respectively.)

    From the organizer all participants can acquire costumes, purchase special festival items, and find out more about the festival itself.

    All costumes have a thirty minute timer, which will give all individuals plenty of time to wander around and take in all the frightening sights and sounds the Galactic Moon Festival has to offer. These costumes can be worn anywhere, but will be removed upon entering into combat. If, for some reason, you do not like the costume the organizer has given you, simply right click the costume icon to cancel it, similar to canceling a buff. After successfully canceling your costume, wait approximately three minutes and try again for a new look!

    Once you’ve outfitted your new attire, approach the unfortunate souls hanging around town and say, “Trick of treat!” You may also use a trick or treat device to ensure that your costume is scary enough. If it is, the citizens will hand out Galactic Moon Coins which can be used to purchase special holiday items from the organizer. There are many items available, but be sure to save your coins as some items are far more expensive than others! Examples include house decorations, bat pheromones, Sith O’ Lanterns, and even a sign to hang outside your home.

    For entertainers, Jabba has quite generously offered a compilation of all of Max Rebo’s songs! These are sold exclusively to entertainers and we’re certain that Max won’t mind…

    For the rest of the event activities, explore Moenia and Mos Eisley!

    Life Day

    Christmas/New Year

    The last event of the year is Life Day. This Wookie tradition with cringe-worthy origins has developed into one of the most beloved times of the year for many furry and furless friends alike. Gifts are often given out during this time by the powers that be. One is often for the individual to open themselves, while another is typically given to give to a friend.

    Life Day is a time for families and extended families, friends, and all manner of comraderies to gather and celebrate a day of joy, harmony, and the promise of the Tree of Life. Traditionally celebrated on Kashyyyk, Life Day is a time to reflect on the renewal of life and remember those who have passed on before us. Wookies place an extremely high amount of importance and value on mortality, courage, compassion, and loyalty. These sacred and ancient Wookie traditions center around the honor family, a group comprised of the individual Wookie’s closest friends and companions. These families and their members pledge to lay down their lives for one another.

    Wookies have been known to face some of the most grueling of circumstances in order to be certain they will arrive home in time for Life day. Even an Imperial blockade around their home world where their friends and family are enslaved has been known to be thwarted all so they can participate in the family bonding and thankfulness of the celebration.

    Recently, the traditions of this special day have been adopted by numerous species throughout the galaxy. At its origins, Life Day was only celebrated once every three years, but as the joyous traditions has spread throughout the galaxy many have began to honor Life Day annually.

    So, every year around this time, be sure to visit the event tree for numerous gifts and activities!