Starting Out


Installing Star Wars Galaxies - New Beginnings:

  1. Create an account in the forums section of this website; this will be your game login.
  2. Create a discord account if you haven't already and join our discord.  Send a message to a staff member to get access and we will validate your account on the forums. 
  3. Download the launcher, "swgnbinstaller.exe" from discord located in the starting-out section.
    1. If flagged as "potential dangerous download", select the option to "continue to download"
    2. If the downloader asks you to make sure you trust the file before you open it, select the additional options icon (...) and choose "keep" from the menu options listed.  You will need to select "show more" on the next warning page than "keep anyway".
  4. Navigate to the file you just downloaded, "swgnbinstaller.exe", and right click to run as administrator. The default location is "downloads".
    1. If Microsoft Defender flags the file to protect your pc, click more info, where it'll display that it has an unknown publisher, then you can select "run anyway" and "yes" to continue.
  5. The installer window will pop-up with the default location set to "c:\games\swgnb". Select "next" to continue. (You can change this location if you prefer to have all your games in a different location)
  6. Check the box to create a desktop shortcut (optional) and select "install" to continue and "Finish".
    1. If pop-up says you must install .NET Desktop Runtime, select "yes" and follow the prompts to do so then restart your installer.
  7. When the launcher starts, you will see a bar at the bottom which indicates SWG is patching; the login button will appear once the game has finished updating to the current version.
  8. Log in to the launcher using your forums account info you created in step 1.